Asbestos? Here’s How To Fix It Quickly!

Asbestos is a naturally formed product, made from stone and processed and mixed with other materials like cement. It is flexible, durable, heat and mold resistant. What a miraculous product. And it is cheap to boot! Any wonder Australia as a nation went crazy over asbestos during all of the significant building booms since the late 1800’s.


And now it is in your home!

Then we discovered that this material was hazardous for our health. It can cause terrible diseases such as Asbestosis, Mesothelioma. These hideous diseases are cancers of the lungs. Causing pain and continual fluid build up in the lung making t difficult to breath. Over time, health researchers are slowly discovering other things that asbestos may be responsible for, it is scary to think of what they will find in the future.  There have been many attempts at getting rid of asbestos, such as burning (very bad, do not do), crushing (very bad, do not do). This substance is indestructible. Not hard to believe when you think about how when it started life it was a rock! There are two distinct kinds of asbestos. There is the type called “friable”, this is the worst kind as it is softer and easily crushed by hand or foot. This type is deadly due to the softness, disturbing the product can cause an instant release of fibres into the air. Air-borne asbestos will of course, be far easier to inhale. There is bonded, the type that is often mixed with other stable materials such as cement. This is quite often used as AC fibro sheeting fencing panels or roofing panels. This is more of a ‘snapable’ product, and will release its fibres when broken open. It is important to know however, that bonded material can become friable if the composition is changed, such as bonded material in a house fire. The fire renders the bonded material into a friable state, i.e.: flaky, crumbly easily crushed or damaged


So, how to Fix it??

  1. Testing

Asbestos testing Sydney, can be as simple as calling an asbestos professional and they come to your home and collect a sample. They then take the sample to a NATA accredited the laboratory and return the results directly to you; this can happen within 24hrs total. Or if you have multiple samples, it may take longer to collect especially if they are coming from difficult to reach places. If you use an asbestos professional, they will advise you on the spot if you have an issue with contamination or not.


  1. Assessment of condition

You can have an asbestos professional perform a complete walk around your property assessing the condition of your asbestos, if the asbestos professional feels it is warranted, he may advise you that you require air-monitoring. This would be because he has seen asbestos he feels has deteriorated to the point of potential contamination. It is wise to not disregard this suggestion. The cost of not onerous and for the peace of mind, it is best done straight away. Particularly if there are other occupants in the building. Seek further direction if this is the case from the asbestos professional, he will advise if evacuation is necessary or not.



  1. Register

Asbestos registers are becoming quit popular now for homes with asbestos in-situ. Particularly rental properties. Some insurance companies will not insure your property if it does not have an asbestos register detailing where the asbestos is, and its condition. In Australia it is the law that all commercial properties MUST have an asbestos register, large fines apply if commercial properties are discovered not to have an updated quality asbestos register.

  1. Removal

Professional asbestos removal Sydney. Trouble gone!

  1. Encapsulation

Encapsulation with special purpose plastic paints to coat your asbestos. This can be applied correctly by an asbestos professional.


The key to remember is, Take Action! Keep your family safe.


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